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Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

Apr 15, 2022

It's another episode where Alexis and Katelyn can finally cut loose and talk about whatever they want to without one of these dang guests who keep showing up to cramp their style. And what is it they want to talk about? Why bathroom stuff, of course! Isn't it weird that women's bathrooms have little private caves to hide in, and men's bathrooms make you whip it out in front of everyone? So weird it just might be... the result of a conspiracy! Katelyn's got a theory that men's bathrooms are like that because of advertisers capitalizing on our cultural wang-obsession. And Alexis has a poem that she wrote back in high school that hints at a conspiracy to sell more shoes via nefarious restroom design. Together, these theories come together to explain why we've just decided it's ok for all your coworkers to know when you're pooping. CW for this one folks, it discusses genitals and transphobia!